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Poole StorePoole Store

William Hardy Poole Store, built in the year 1911
From the collection of the LaBelle Heritage Museum, Inc
This watercolor painting, created by Boots Spencer, featuring the building's use as the O'Ferrell Honey House, is now the proud home of the LaBelle Heritage Museum. The picture shows the structure before the addition of the raised ground floor porch & access ramp added in the early 1990s.

Great things are happening at your local LaBelle Heritage Museum!
In July 2020, we introduced and swore in new officers. Please help us congratulate the following LaBellians to their newly appointed positions:

Jessica Risley Johnson, President
Billy Maddox, Vice President
Ron Zimmerly (not pictured), Treasurer
Lisa Green, Secretary
Lucy Welch, Director
Thomas Smith & Kelly Boone still maintain their board positions.

We would like to take a moment to thank the previous Presidents for joining the small gathering and being a part of the ceremony. A special thank you to Tom Sergeant for swearing in the Board. Thank you to Add Austin and Nikki Yeager for helping with the nominating committee.

We can’t wait to see what this team will accomplish for the
Good of LaBelle!