October 1, Newsletter


Thank you to all the people who helped keep the Museum open by acting as docents.  Martha Raye was here every Wednesday morning.  Lucy comes in on Friday mornings. Keitha comes on the first and third Thursday evening as well as a few Saturdays. Pudge Lehman was here on a Thursday afternoon to sell 5 Goodno books for $100.  Joe mans the doors on Saturdays. And Pat tries to be there all day on Fridays.  Terri is still doing her part by coming on the second Thursday. Bill Hamilton came in last Saturday and cleaned out the plants that were growing in the rain gutters on the Rider house.


Even with all of these people helping we are still closed some days because we don’t have the docents to keep the doors open.



Amy Collins has been coming in when she has time and started digitizing our files.  This is a huge job but very important.  Some of our files do not exist anywhere else in the world. If we should have a disaster such as fire or storm they would be lost.  By digitizing and having them stored on a removable hard drive we will at least have copies preserved. One of the purposes of the museum is “to promote historical research by the protection and safe keeping of all materials relating the significant development of the area.”


Nickolas, a student, from FGCU came in on Saturday and started scanning the Goodno files. He is a student in Dr. Frances A. Davey’s Introduction to Public History class.   Joe and I went to Dr. Davey’s class and talked about LaBelle and the Museum.  Each student in the class is required to intern for 24 hours during the semester.  Nickolas comes all the way from Cape Coral to work at the museum.


Kethia, Joe and Pat set up an information table at the FGCU Service Learning Fair in September.

We found one student, Angela, who lives in LaBelle and will be working as an intern during the winter months.


Jeff Lazar stopped by and mowed what grass and weeds we have.  Sarah Townsend sent her cousin over to trim the bushes, pull the weeds and plant ground cover out in front.  Elinor and Diane with the help of St. Mathews House laid bricks out in back. Bret Thigpen cut the branch that was hanging over the back stairs.  Cox air conditioning fixed the air conditioner upstairs.


Work Projects

If you are not interested in being a docent, there are several projects that need volunteers to complete.  Several pieces of wood furniture in the Rider house and the Poole building need to be cleaned and oiled. Lots of shelves need to be dusted and cleaned.  Blinds need to be washed.  The Museum really needs help, even if you can give a few hours a month. 


Pat has set aside Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 8th, 9th, and 10th from 9am to 4pm as major cleaning days.  Jodie will come in and show us how to clean and preserve the wooden furniture.  We will also dust and clean downstairs in Poole Building, the Rider Office and the Rider House. Bring you brooms, buckets and cleaning supplies.


Educational Project

Pat has worked with herbs for several years.  She has conducted  seminars at ECHO, Herb Society of America, Lee County Master Gardeners Herb Day, and various clubs in South Western Florida.  She also conducted seminars at her home. She will be presenting a seminar on soap making on Saturday November 7th at the Museum. Small groups are best for hands on sessions so the class will be limited to 10 people – first come first serve.  If there are more interested people, another date will be set. The cost will be $25 to cover cost of supplies and use of the Museum.  Each participant will take home 2 bars of handmade soap.


If there is enough interest more seminars will be offered such as medicinal herbs or salves and skin lotions.


Grant Applications Progress

A Small Matching Grant application, that Keitha wrote,  to add the Poole Building to the National Register for Historic Buildings, has passed the first round. It will now pass on to the State Legislature then to the Governor.  Keep your fingers crossed for luck.


The Special Category Grant application  Joe submitted for rehabilitation of the Poole Building was ranked 30 out of 58 submssions. The ranking committee had only one question for Joe. The question was “Who will be responsible for building maintenance  after  repairs?”  It has a good chance of being funded. It will be 2016 before funds are released.


Janet Papinaw submitted a grant request for repairs on the Hendry County Court House. It placed 9th in the ranking.  The committee had no questions. The judges were very complimentary on the work she did and it was also stated that the building is very important to South Florida.


River Cruise during Swamp Cabbage

Plans have been made for 4 trips on Saturday February 27th.  Tours begin at 8:30am, 11:00am, 1:30pm and 4:00pm. Boarding passes may be picked up at our tent half an hour before departure time.


Paid LHM members may buy tickets at discount of $20 if purchased by November 3rd h Meeting.  Tickets go on sale to the General Public on November 1st at $25 each.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as well as cash.



Logo contest

A flyer detailing information on our contest for a new and readily recognizable logo for the museum with a $500 prize for the winning entry is available for your inspection.


Heirloom Dress Costume

Pat was looking at pictures of Swamp Cabbage in Keitha and Pat are working on either a contest or a fashion show of period appropriate costumes.  Pat gave most of her patterns away but kept several that date from 1890 to 1930.  She will be happy to help you copy any of the patterns she has.  Even though some are 100 years old they are still not hard to follow the directions.  Pat also has patterns for children if anyone is interested in dressing up the kids. Please give pat a call if you are interested in making your own outfits.  (239)910-1538


Pat still has her mother’s knitting and crocheting books from the 1930’s. You crafters may want to copy some of those patterns. There are several years when people dressed in  costumes from the past for our Swamp Cabbage Festival.




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