In 2000 and 2001 a series of videos were recorded and put on DVD's the following is a list of these videos that are now available for sale at the LaBelle Heritage Museum for $20.00 each.  Please come in when the museum is open or call and leave a message as to which DVD you may want to purchase. (863-674-0034)

 Avery, Cliff

Ballard, Hiram and Beatrice

Barron, Lois

Billie, Frank Jay

Booth, Mary Lou

Bowers, Paul

Bryant, Norman,Hugh, Vicki and Liz

Bullington, Freida

Bush, Larry, Don, Jerry and Juanita

Cline, Bobbie JO;

Laura Wilson

Cochran, James

Crawford, Jersuha Ridgdill

Cross, Martha Kate

Curtis, Ken

Cypress, Mitchell

Daniels, Cassie

Davidson, Boe and Janice

Davis, Don

Doub, William, Johnny and Irene

Dyess, Mary, Ida Kirby and Flora Hampton

Greer, Blish and Evelyn

Hampton, Flora Burchard, Mary Dyess and Ida Kirby

Harris, Ethleline Whiddon

Howard, Merton, Walter and Christine Pratt

Howard, Margaret and Catherine

Howard, Robert

Howard Pratt, Christine

Howard, Nettie Pearl

Hull, Onley Reo

Hull, Rosa Lee

Humphries, Martha and Charles

Jones, Alton "Kid"

Kirby, Ida (Forrey Family)

Kirby, Ida

Koenes, Mary

Langford, Oscar

Lawson, Herbert

Lowery, Weima Davis

Luckey, Owen Sr

Maddox, Elizabeth

Maddox,Sr, William

Marroquin, Felix

Martinez, Hipolito "Paul"

Mattice, Doris

Murray, Oliver and Betty

Nobles, Bonnie

Nobles, L J and Geraldine

Orwig, Thelma O'Bannon

Parsons, Leonard, Broward, Woodrow and Tommy

Parsons, Tommy (individual)

Patton, Tillie Curry

Peeples, Kathleen

Porterfield, Lorraine

Rasmussen, Bernard

Rennolds, Edwin T. "Eddie"

Rice, Art and Kari

Rider, Lynda

Ridgdill, Della Townsend and Jerusha Ridgdill Crawford

Rimes, Oren "Punk"

Rimes, J L  "Jay Bird"

Risher, Dorthy Hill

Risley, Joe

Rodriquez, Bersabe

Sargent, Ken and Betty

Smith, Tommy and June

Strickland, Ilene

Taylor, Fred

Thomas, Dillon

Thompson, Thelma Small

Townsend, Pauline Hull

Vaughan, Wayne and Doris

Ward, Ella Mae Herron

Whiddon, Lewis

Williams, Violet

Wilson, Laura and Bobb Cline

Woosley, JoAnn

Yeomans, Lillie Mae